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We present in this space some of the projects developed by the company they are active and those who have used different technologies, positioning suggestions, proposed integrated graphics, content management from back office using a key.



This project starts from scratch with graphic design and layout and programming and is one of the most ambitious. Arises initially as a standard corporate website with dynamic management system dynamic management news and products in four languages. In parallel with initiating a management system customer orders.

After the project is to strengthen and position the web through SEO and SEM. To increase the chances SEO consultant working with positioning and proceed to make the changes recommended techniques. The client works plalabras content and positioning key.

The dynamic management system products has a significant level of complexity that allows customers to manage positioning data as the name of the page, keywords and descriptors.

Currently positioned in the top positions on keywords that the client desired position.



Cauchodistribucion The draft began with a website and implemented and that they make some changes to graphics and structure to allow energize. It is necessary to boost the product section and photo gallery. Also performed the contact form and complete with technical modifications aimed at positioning (Hilo de Ariadna, URLs, sitemap, robots, hypertext menus)

The positioning of this website is among the first results only with SEO, achieving results with keywords of interest of the client on the front page.



The project is complete primustel web graphic design, layout and programming. This project combines several technologies JavaScript, Flash, xHTML and PHP.



Complete design graphic design, layout and programming. In the conduct is a large graphic work although it has a little charge, does each page frame designed by the subject matter.



The integral with graphic design, layout and programming and news-oriented manager associative entity. This site has a content management system with a news type levels (sections and news), photo gallery and static and dynamic sections. It has a backoffice to manage password-protected.



Implementing comprehensive graphic design, layout and programming. Implements various technologies such as Flash, Javascript (visualization of images in sequence) and property management dynamically from backoffice with a password. Implements search by opion and different levels. The site, made for a company of Barcelona, is oriented to the Russian market as was done in Russian, English and Spanish.



In the client project initially is working with a site already in place to which realizadon improvements. At the end of 2009 will be a new project to conduct comprehensive graphic design, layout and programming. It has an important dynamic data that the client can handle from a backoffice. The home page and the menu of options is mostly dynamic content.

Technical improvements were implemented for positioning and free applications to monitor and control visits.



Proposed site layout and programming from a graphical approach exitente which respected the broad outlines but was made a complete change of graphics. It has a content management system administered by the client.



This project belongs to a client amateur videos to the world of science fiction. This developed entirely in Catalan and emphasizes the use of Flash technology to display videos. Also free work positioning and control applications, site traffic. Positioning is enhanced with the integration site with a space on youtube.



This project was done for a client from Italy. Comprehensive development of graphic design, desktop publishing and web programming. Implements various technologies such as Flash, Javascript, PHP and mySQL raised therein making striking graphics and dynamic content management from back office. Content management is able to manage large vehicles offered with 5 graphics each and other areas such as services, news, events offer. It was developed in Italian, Castilian and English. It also implements tracking free applications to control visitor traffic to the site.



Comprehensive development project with graphic design, layout and programming. Points to be the first development of content management system for news type levels (sections and news) of the empresacon with graphic attachment, bonding and different publishing options. It also has a mailing to subscribers system that integrates with the transmission of news, which are sent by mail.