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Positioning service is a web site should be divided into two options:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): A better way to achieve a natural positioning of a website in search engines. The translation is 'search engine optimization' and is based technical enestructurar the elements of a website to be better appreciated. Desglozan seekers Base of a website and use the information, graphics, URLs, titles, descriptors, etc. and evaluate them resulting values for each of the search words with reference to the site evaluated.

As a purely technical element in the development of a website, b2internet use all available technologies on the market today to answer a web project with a structure and information in a friendly and clear to search engines. Ariadne's thread, friendly URLs, balanced use of technology, hypertext links, descriptive text, goals, description, keywords, dynamic, structuring, naming and alternative graphs are the best known.

SEM (Search engine marketing): The search engine marketing is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPS). According to Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, SEM methods are: the search engine optimization, pay for placement search engine PPC, contextual advertising, provided there is a fee involved. Other sources, including the New York Times, define SEM as the practice of paying for ads on search results in search engines.

A clear example of this type of position are the results of searches shown in the right column of a busueda in Google and within those results with a colored background different from the rest. Both have the title "Sponsored Link."

Marketing campaigns aimed at SEM are made by companies dedicated specifically. b2internet technician works at these companies in technical formulas, such as recommendations on positioning of keywords, which should enhance the appearance thereof.

Graphic Design


Graphic design integrated with a project is of vital importance. You must first reflect from the overall composition of the components as logos, fonts, colors and elements, the profile you want to print to the web and, therefore, to your project. Simplicity, reliability, fun, complex, and every one of the sensations can be produced.

In b2internet start with the definition of the project's overall image to be transmitted, and then continue with the development of various elements and their integration points within the site and events dedicated to the context of paragraphs and graphics that accompany them.

Also at this stage must be set in motion the elements that wish to integrate in the layout and its implementation in a balanced scheme. Typically these elements are developed technologies that are not readable by search engines. This is an important issue because the use of these technologies (Flash, Javascript, etc.) and graphic images (jpg, gif, png, etc) are not "indexable" by search engines, thus containing all the information do not cooperate in the promotion of a good web project.

Within the graphic design elements are also defined containers and formats of the sources of the texts. The technology used to define the styles of these elements are developed in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), cascading style sheets, and are important because they not only form and structure a website, but also are relevant to the hour of promoting it on search engines.

Technologies: Apache, PHP, Mysql, JS.


In the production of a web project Design, Layout and Web Programming using complex, integrated technologies for the best product.

b2intenet uses the most effective and current tools to meet the needs of projects and customer expectations. Linux and Apache server to support security and flexibility giving, HTML and CSS for layout, PHP and MySQL for dynamic content management server, XML for data transmission formats, JavaScript for client-control behavior, AJAX elements for specific updates on pages and Flash to give a touch of movement among other technologies more.

B2internet is essential to cover all technological aspects of a project that it becomes the most optimal and desired. Covering all areas as positioning, usability, communication and effectiveness.