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Hints & Tips


We believe that in the field of Internet companies and professionals there is the highest level with these tips and try to let you know some tips to be aware of some references that should be considered. If you plan to start a project on the Internet for your business you should consider the following comments:

users profiles


It is importent to define the user profile that runs the project. Beyond the appeal of the graphical approach to the type of audience that is calculated or want to be the site should be structured depending on whether it will be professional in your industry, technical, nontechnical, general public, ages, concerns, etc. As an example, a technical background / professional news website should present a specific character with respect to the data presented and its structure. Titles and structuring content with a clear space and a simple but effective graphics would be the best poses.

information structure


The data structure refers to what information you want, need or require is available and also how to have structurally the same. The typical institutional structure of the sites are defined in paragraphs Home, about us, where we are and contact is supplemented by more specific "products / services", "new", "offers" and / or any other section you need to deploy .

visual communication


This section should take into account that wishes to transmit sensations to your website. This will depend on the type of business and political communications company. This can be defined as a professional, serious, fun, informative, complex, simple, etc, and should include how to navigate the site, menus, links, information, etc. It is advisable to visit different sites in the category that you want to implement and make examples of these items (image, structure, visual messages, navigation, structure).

graphics planning


After defining the user profile, information structure, and what kind of feelings you want to convey in your space on line, it's time to make the chart I state must consider what to stream. A website to advertise your business should be considered a showcase. It is important to assess logos, colors, fonts ads you already have your business and raise additions and renovations for the project.



Most service providers available online websites allow you to place static html format. The bandwidth and server traffic to recruit should be evaluated from the weight of the web and the number of users expected in a reasonable time. You should also take into account the flexibility of server html (recommending Linux / Apache) and server-language support (ej.PHP) and availability of database engines to develop dynamic websites.

Services provider


When selecting the required service provider must take into account several parameters. With regard to the company must assess its seriousness, time to market, catchment area, customer service (language, telephone, email) and geographical location among other options. The location server (along with bandwidth, traffic and server) can result in the download speed of a website so it is advisable to locate areas of influence of the majority of site users, especially differentiating continents.
With respect to services offered must prevail: service options, costs of services but necessary, application, flexibility, cost / services, payment, application taxes, billing, payment schedules, user control panels and services etc. Control level domains DNS is relevant because it allows web server redirect, mail.